A £50 deposit is required at the time of booking. The deposit can be paid via a payment link sent via email once the booking is confirmed. The remaining balance is due 1 week before the event and a further link will be sent. We cannot reserve a booking without a deposit.

If the booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks from the event a full refund will be issued. For less than 4 weeks notice the deposit will not be refunded.

Van Requirements

The van is fairly long to accommodate the game consoles, screens and up to 12 players. We require a space of 8.5 meters to park the van (approx 2 1/2 car lengths). It is your responsibility to speak and arrange with neighbours if necessary and ensure the space is available at the property for the party to go ahead.

We will provide the extension lead for hooking up to the van but there needs to be an available plug socket within 20m of the van.

We cannot park on slopes and cannot park on a yellow line or block access to properties that we do not have permission to do so.

Battle Station will not be responsible if the party can't take place due to these issues and potential damage to the van. No refund will be offered if these terms are not met.

Van Rules/Behaviour

Whilst we understand the event is for a fun occasion we ask kindly that behaviour in the van is sensible. Also due to the volume of electrical/AV equipment, no food or drink is to be consumed in the van. Any damage caused to the equipment in the van due to irresponsible behaviour will be at the cost of the party organiser.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event of unforeseen circumstances that the party cannot go ahead, maybe severe weather not allowing us to travel or van issues we reserve the right to cancel. This is very unlikely but has to be stated. We would try our best to accommodate the party or rearrange where possible.

Age Appropriate Gaming

Our large gaming selections accommodate children and adults. It is the party organisers responsibility to speak to other parents regarding age-appropriate gaming and let us know if anything needs to be put in place prior to the event.

Internet/Game Availability

The van is kitted out with the latest 4G/5G routers with roof antennas. Whilst we hope the connection will be ok when setting up for the party if a connection issue or weak signal is evident, we would kindly ask if we can connect a cable (provided by us) to the properties router (preferred option for constant stable connection). This is not always the case but has to be stated as some rural areas can have signal issues. In the very unlikely event, there is an issue with both options the party can continue in off-line gaming mode. 

Regarding Games - we have the most popular games available and the consoles will have been updated as close to the party as possible - in the unfortunate event a game puts out an update on the way or during a party then this particular game will not be available and is out with our control.

Our Staff

All staff will be friendly, polite and make all children and adults feel welcome. All staff will be DBS checked and we promise to provide your child with a memorable event.

Social Media

Social media is huge for our business. Sometimes we will take pictures and/or videos and upload them to our social media accounts. If this is not ok then please advise before the party starts, this is also confirmed on the 'tick box' of the booking form.


Battle Station gaming will always follow the advice as per government guidelines. If the party can only go ahead with fewer people due to government guidelines this will be stated and confirmed at the time of booking. It may be that we have to take the temperature of the children before entering the van. Our van and all equipment will be fully sanitised and cleaned before and after each event ensuring we are partying in a safe environment.